Wellbeing Coaching

Do you want to feel better so you can be more for them, have more energy for you, and be more out in the world?

You know there is a better way to live, a better way forward but you just can't find it.....

This is for you if you are so tired of trying so hard all the time! You love the people in your life so much! You want to feel better so you can BE MORE for them, have more energy for you, and be more out in the world

You have so much more to give and be, and experience!  You are ready to show up in all of your perfectly, imperfect beauty……I can hear your soul whispering softly…..thankyou…..

Here's what happens when you let yourself have the support you so freely give others all the time

Photography by Sabrina Lauriston Photography

Invest in yourself

1st Dive Deep session (1 1/2 hrs) $97
  • 1hr sessions thereafter $97…includes:
  • Voice recording from notes of our session
  • 4 x weekly facetime or phone ‘check in calls’ 10 mins (to be spread out over the next 4 weeks)
Ongoing Support
  • Daily Voice Coaching for 1 week $30 or 1 month $90 (1 week free)
  • Weekly Facetime/phone call check in (20mins) $30 or $90 per month (1 week free)
  • Personalized Affirmations in a voice recording sent to your phone ($20)

Do you want to live your best life? Are you ready for change?

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