The Best Is Yet To Come

Meet Emma Ellul

I help and empower people to start to love and value themselves.

I am a Mumma of 3 Wild Souls and possibly the only woman who was raised Catholic, practices yoga, who believes in God, the power of prayer, the law of attraction, universe and karma.
I help people find their be happy again!

Hi, I'm Emma Ellul

I coach people who are overloaded, gorgeous souls and want a better life. I help and empower all people with overloaded, gorgeous, full lives who want to find themselves again and get back to feeling good! I coach people who are ready to take action and who truly believe “The Best is Yet to Come.”

Holistic Counselling is listening and comfort, like talking with your best friend. Hugs when needed.

Holistic Coaching/ EMpowerment Coaching is a more proactive session where we can work together to design your dream life.

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We must be brave enough to be ourselves fully. Embracing all aspects of ourselves regardless of the expectations that are placed on us by others.

Your happiness is just as important as your partners, your childrens. Your happiness matters. This is YOUR life…so start to live it how you want to live it!! Start to allow yourself to feel how you want to feel. YOU deserve to be happy!!

Always be who you truly are, because you never know who will love the person that youre trying to hide.

By you not being true and real with how you’re feeling, trying to protect those around you. You’re actually inhibiting their growth because they then aren’t having to face certain experiences and emotions that they potentially need to for their soul to grow and evolve. 

SO be you fully and freely, we are all on our own journey, and we learn so much from those around us, especially those we love.

Start taking some daily intentional steps to create a life worth celebrating….

Emma Ellul, coach, yoga teacher, dancer and author & I help people to find their happy again!

I am Mumma to 3 beautifully spirited little humans. I am possibly the only Holistic Life Coach in the world who believes in God, and the power of prayer, but also practices yoga, and believes in the power of positive thinking, the power of the words we speak, the Universe and Karma.

I help people to see clearly why they are feeling how they are feeling, and what their life actually looks like. Once that is understood,  we come up with a plan to move them towards a more balanced life where there is more space for joy, creativity, love and all of the good stuff that we dream of. I give people the skills and help them grow their courage to make uncomfortable changes and support you through those changes.

I use a variety of modalities to support my clients including yoga, coaching and counselling.


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